Aside from the confirmed leak regarding Ryu and Roy, Smash Brothers is undergoing some major additions in the coming weeks, all highlighted this week at E3 2015. Coming out as the first announcements from the show, Nintendo is stepping ahead of the competition with a host of good news before the 2015 Nintendo World Championships.

As we mentioned yesterday, Ryu and Roy will make their way to Super Smash Brothers, but they won’t be alone. Revealed along side Fire Emblem character Lucas, Ryu and Roy are available for purchase today as all three hit the market immediately. You can pick up Roy and Lucas for $5 on both platforms if you have Smash on 3DS and Wii U, or just $4 for one of the platforms. Ryu will launch with an all-new stage, bringing the ticket up to $6 for a single platform or $7 for both.

In the vein of stages, Smash Brothers will also add a new Miiverse stage as well as Kirby’s Dreamland stage soon. Both stages will be available immediately, and one will come for free. Dreamland is the costly of the two stages, inspired by the Nintendo 64 version of Dreamland in Smash Brothers, racking up a $1.99 cost for a single platform or $2.99 for both platforms. Your Miiverse stage will work as a traditional Miiverse when connected to the internet, according to Nintendo.

“During matches while connected to the Internet, players will see Miiverse posts appear that cheer specific fighters on from the background. These messages will be pulled from individual Miiverse communities that just opened for each Super Smash Bros. character.”

Stepping into August, Smash will now include a long-awaited Tourney mode, allowing for community tourneys, as well as traditional tourneys. What’s the difference? Nintendo explains.

“Community Tourneys let players compete for the highest points in a certain amount of time. while regular Tourneys have a specific set of rules and only happen at select times.”

Loads of new costumes will launch for Smash Brothers as well today, all working in cooperation with you Mii. These costumes include Heihachi from Tekken, Akira and Jacky from Virtua Fighter fame, MegaMan.EXE out of Mega Man Battle Network, ZERO from Mega Man X, as well as Inkling Girl and Boy and the squid hat from the popular new Splatoon title. These 8 costumes will be available as a bundle pack for $6 as a group on one platform, $9.20 as a group for both platforms, or individually for $0.75 and $1.15 in single and double platform versions.

If you’re a huge fan of showing off your hot moves online [and who isn’t?], Smash Brothers Wii U will now add replays to YouTube at your discretion. Again available immediately, this feature add-on will require that you sign in with a Google Account to upload your videos, but if you have a YouTube channel you’re already set. This pairs nicely with the tournament mode and will surely increase exposure of the title in the fighting game scene.

As a final announcement regarding the Smash Brothers series, you can look forward to a new Amiibo for every Smash Brothers character coming soon. This includes all new announcements such as Roy, Lucas and Ryu. Here’s a picture of the soon to launch R.O.B., Duck Hunt, Mr. Game & Watch, and Falco. These characters launch on September 25th of this year, continuing in Nintendo’s harsh production speed of these high demand figures.