If you’re into the idea of playing a fully free game that isn’t even available on your Xbox One, this Alpha phase test might just be your thing.

Having been available on the PC for some time now, Smite is coming to Xbox One this year. Before anyone else gets their hands on the title, you can have a chance to play and test the game for quality assurance. In exchange for your time those who play Smite on the Xbox One ahead of launch will have all available characters unlocked and available for testing, and are given the opportunity to unlock gems for the final launch.

As Smite is a free-to-play title, these gems serve as the physical currency [think dollars] that can unlock exclusive visuals and in-game aesthetics to help you showcase your own personal style. Playing out as a third-person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, Smite most directly competes with League of Legends on the PC platform, but will compete with only one other MOBA around launch – Gigantic. Smite separates itself from the competition on Xbox One by focusing on traditional MOBA objectives such as destroying towers and fighting through to the enemy’s spawn point.

The Alpha test will take place this weekend only, available over on the HiRez Studios official website. Move on over this way to sign up and get started!