Created by formerly exclusive-to-mobile developer Clapfoot, a new sci-fi and strategy based defense game is coming to Consoles and PC in 2015.

Fortified Fortified is an action-packed base defense game which builds and develops on the conventions of the genre with third-person shooting mechanics and real-time strategy. Inspired by 1950’s sci-fi films, players take control of one-of-four character classes as they fight to save Earth from robotic invaders using an arsenal of Cold War era weapons and experimental alien technology.

Protect the city from invasion with a network of defensive structures, an army at your comment and pulling your own trigger against dangerous skyscraping attackers. Defend alone, or along side your friends in four-player cooperative combat as you rescue the people of your city from the forces of robotic evil.

Mark Ng, co-founder of Clapfoot, detailed with us the title’s unique genre change, as well as their transition out of the mobile space.

“Clapfoot’s had success creating entertaining games in the mobile space, but we’ve always wanted to move into making titles for PC and console. Fortified begins a new era of development for us and we’re thrilled to provide gamers with genre-bending gameplay that brings a fresh approach to base defense games.”

Clapfoot is an independent video game studio located in Toronto. The team is comprised of developers and artists that grew up playing games, and uses this passion for gaming to create fun and interesting experiences for others to enjoy. Clapfoot’s goal is to foster both a creative and healthy environment for game development. For more information about Clapfoot and their current games in production, visit the official Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as their official website.