If you’re like me, a casual gamer without an overabundance of money to spend these next few months, and decided to hold out on purchasing Destiny, then you might have made a very wise choice. Or at least your wallet might think so. Forza Horizon 2, Natural Doctrine, Persona 4 Arena, Sherlock Holmes: Crime and Punishment and finally Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, the fall is absolutely jam packed with fantastic titles, and that list is just this week!

Sure there might be a few titles you could skip out on playing, but what of those you weren’t expecting to grab your attention? Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor seems to be that game for me. Combat directly inspired by the Batman Arkham series and lore set in the world created by Lord of the Rings writer J. R. R. Tolkien, you would have thought Shadow was a no-brainer. To be honest though, I never really seen anything blow me away in its marketing. There was always the potential there for developer Monolith Productions to create an amazing title. With support and assets provided by Warner Bros. Interactive, publisher of the commercially and critically acclaimed Batman Arkham series, Shadow definitely had a good source in place. It almost seems an insult to call Shadow of Mordor a “Sleeper Hit”.

There really isn’t any other way to describe it. Shadow of Mordor is an early review darling. IGN gave it a 9.3/10, Polygon gave it a 9.5/10, Joystiq gave it a 5/5 and even on the lower end GameSpot gave it an 8/10! It seems this might be the title no one expected to rise to the top. You can bet your ass this is my next. (Expect a review shortly after launch)

I didn’t expect to be picking up a title so soon into the fall season, especially not after cuffing my wallet hand to the proverbial heater, but it seems Shadow of Mordor might just be that one title I won’t be able to resist. As for the rest of the deluge of upcoming games, heres hoping titles such as Assassins Creed: Unity, Far Cry 4 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (among countless others)bring with them similarly tantalizing scores. For now though, at least personally, I can say I’ve already been pleasantly caught off guard.