Korean mobile developer Fincon has announced that beta testing has begun for it’s latest  hack and slash action RPG Angle Stone. In Angle Stone you are in control of the Resistance, humanity’s last line of defense against the demonic legion. One thing that is still unique to Angle Stone is that Fincon has put a lot of effort in making it full multi-platform play across PC and mobile devices. Fincon also promises plans to service over 150 countries allowing gamers to freely connect with one another regardless of device or regional boundaries.

Choose from three classes, Berserker, Gunslinger, or Shadow Mage and collect a myriad mix of ‘Angel Stones’, the talismans of angels fallen in battle, and use them to combat otherworldly evil!

Those interested in participating in the Beta Testing may still have time. Head over to http://www.angelstonegame.com/ now for a chance to register!

We look forward to more news from Fincon about Angle Stone, if you want to know more head over to their official website Anglestonegame.com or check back here at PowerLeveled.