It may not be an old saying, but as Apple goes, so goes the world in the hardware manufacturing department. From the Apple Macintosh to the iPod/iPhone era, Apple dominates in the hardware market for their unique styling and original direction. Announced today by Apple, a new watch is coming simply titled “Apple Watch”.

Available in three varieties, the Apple Watch will vary in price between a reasonably accessible $349 and a ridiculous $10,000+ price point. Here are the basics of each model.

Apple Watch “Sport” – Available in 38mm for $349 and 42 mm watch face for $399, the introductory level model of Apple Watch is built with anodized aluminum and is built with a “strengthened Ion-X glass.” Accessories for the watch include multi-colored “fluoroelastomer bands”, amounting to nothing more than a rubber-like wristband.

Apple Watch – Standing in as the standard model, the Apple Watch will retail for between $549 and $1049 for the 38mm model, or $599 to $1099 for the 42mm model, with only band types as the variety to measure pricing by. Built on stainless steel and a “sapphire crystal” display face, those interested can pick up leather bands, link, “Milanese loop” bands or the fluoroelastomer option to accessorize the piece.

“Apple Watch Edition” – With the most intricate of name varieties, those looking to showcase themselves as the most elite should look to the 18-karat gold Apple Watch. Featuring a sapphire crystal display and multiple golden hues to choose from, Apple is touting this variety of Apple Watch as the Rolex of the smart watch industry.

Pre-orders for the smart watch will be available as early as April 10th and any interested consumers can step on over to your local Apple store the same day to get a preview of the device.

Very little information has actually come to light on the details regarding the hardware inside the watch, and as that becomes available we’ll keep you updated right here on