With the Sandbox and Survival genres at focus, Atari has just officially announced their next major publishing venture with a 1979 throwback, Asteroids: Outpost.

Already at the helm of a new Rollercoaster Tycoon that we spent some time with, Atari is breaking out with multiple new projects this year, working with Salty Games on their latest space-based adventure. Boasting one of the most successful Arcade games in history, Asteroids is a recognizable name to anyone who has ever played with a singular joystick and with a fully realized adventure behind it, the gamers of today will soon feel the same excitement of classic players.

Having depleted all usable resources on Earth, Asteroids: Outpost sets us in “The Belt”, a massive resource field ready for the picking by any daring miner. Heading into the asteroid belt with nothing but basic tools and dreams of fortune, this sandbox game allows players to build atop a giant asteroid in the hopes of finding prosperity in the void of space. While gathering resources on your asteroid you’ll be tasked with maintaining and building your outpost to protect from Asteroid-classic showers, as well as potential PVP threats. Construct highly customized bases while working with crafting and weapon optimizations to become the most successful mining operation in the solar system.

This new take on Asteroids reaches back to the classic elements we know and love while appealing to the future of games we’re enjoying right now. Will you adventure into space with Asteroids: Outpost, and why or why not? Leave a comment below and get in the conversation, or follow Asteroids: Outpost on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest details.