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My Coin-Op.TV Sponsored Community Game Nights Are Coming!

Kicking off a new series for Coin-Op TV, I will be shoutcasting live game play to be hosted on the Coin-Op TV YouTube channel every week. This user-driven content is set to make Call of Duty: Black Ops II work for you.

Users who compete in my weekly events for Black Ops II will not only be playing for fame on YouTube, but also fortune. With the chance to pick up 1600 Microsoft Points for competing for me, you’ve got an opportunity to have Call of Duty repay it’s yearly hole in your pocket – that is if you can secure those YouTube viewer’s votes.

If you’d like to get a feel for my shoutcasting style, check out the video below, as it dropped on the Coin-Op Youtube channel this morning. Make sure to send an e-mail to gaming@coin-op.tv if you’d like to compete in my first official competition next Monday, December 10th @ 9 PM [PST].

Source: http://coin-op.tv/?page_id=7135

Aliens: Colonial Marines

Aliens: Colonial Marines has seen its release date pushed back so many times, some have thrown the title in the “would be nice but will never happen” box, but, developer Gearbox Software’s (Boarderlands, Boarderlands 2, Brothers in Arms) President Randy Pitchford, assures us the game WILL in fact be released in February, and it will bring an all new level of chilling suspense, and adrenaline filled action to the renowned franchise, that has had a less then stellar video game past.

The game is being offered with a trove of extras for the pre-release of the game. Including everything from four movie character skins, (CPL. Hicks, PVT. Hudson, SGT Apone, and PVT Drake) an in-game weapon that is suitably called “Ripley’s Flamethrower”, a prototype weapon called the Phase Plasma Rifle, extra character customization, a special area called the U.S. Colonial Marines Academy Firing Range, and an epic statue of a Marine controlled Power Lifter being attacked by a Xenomorph (CE Pre-order only).

Gearbox is promising that this will be the most authentic Aliens experience ever, using authentic environments inspired by the movie for the most epic main story line the franchise has ever seen, as well as drop-in and drop-out 4 player co-op modes, an extensive upgrade/exp system that will allow you to gain perks for you to customize your character with new weapons, armor, looks for your squad, and even a full blown female main character story line.

Gearbox’s offering to the multi-player fans out there is a unique, and fresh new outlook on PvP called; Escape Mode, which puts a four person Marine team on the offensive, against a four player Xeno team. The Marines must shoot their way through the fast-paced map, in order to escape the attacking Xeno team, who in return, will try to eliminate their prey as quickly as possible. Under the pressure and time limit, players will have to work together as a team, utilizing each faction’s skills, to find the other teams weak spots to either reach the safety of the escape zone or to eliminate their targets.

So with all the promises Gearbox and Twentieth Century Fox are giving us for this game, will it be enough for us who like to keep our controllers around, for close encounters? or will it leave us all yelling “GAME OVER MAN!”? The game will release February 12, 2013 for XBOX360, PS3, and PC, with a later release slated for the Wii-U system for us all to decide.

Ar3s vs. Hi3i – UMvC3

Here we have two 15 minute videos of our friends Ar3s and Hi3i battling it out on Marvel vs Capcom 3. Hi3i challanged Ar3s to a first to 10 wins. This was recorded while other members of SGMW were all in a Skype call playing and watching other games. One member even decides to fill us in on Hulks history.
Decided to not edit this footage this time around, but any new content from Ar3s will be edited. Show your support for Ar3s and Hi3i while we get everyone up to speed. Thank you, enjoy.

Ar3s (Aries)
Hi3i (He-Yea)

Attention Halo 4 Players

Calling all Halo 4 players, young, old, short, tall, fat, more fat, good and bad. Play an amazing game of Halo 4? Maybe you were owned super hard? Well send me those clips and I just might feature them in a Awesome or Fails of the week video on ShotgunMouthwash.com Send them to my XBL Gamertag- Chaos Frost

Have an awesome or funny picture you’ve taken in Halo 4 feel free to send those my way as well.

Wake Us When You Need Us

Thats right, we’re back! And this time we mean casual. The Original staff and a few new faces are having a sit down Nov, 28th to discuss how we at SGMW are gonna run things this time around. We’re starting casual, doing what we can when we can. Then aim to snow ball this to greatness! We will have Live Streams of us playing the games we love to play. Shoutcasts over games we and other people play. Podcasts, because we know you couldn’t get enough of them last time. News of gaming and gaming related material we feel is relevant,  and Game Reviews of games we play and upcoming big titles. Hope to have your support again. Because without you, We’re nothing.

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