Every comic book movie that comes out is going to be under a lot of scrutiny by all of the avid readers of said comics or fans of the heroes. The newest movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, was one of which that suffered horrible reviews by the critics at 29% on rotten tomatoes, yet was claimed by most fans to be a work of pure artistry at 7.5/10 on IMDB.
As for the actors themselves and how they fill the roles of the superhero or villain in general, I was initially not in favor of Ben Affleck for Batman as he has not played the somber decisive detective type in a movie before. I was immediately taken aback by how well he seemed to fit the role. He did transform it from “cold and calculating/hide in the shadows and wait” to a more impulsive “do it now” Batman, however, both types are shown in the comics as well. For Superman, I was noticeably disappointed in the choice for Henry Cavill only for the fact that in my opinion he has a weak chin and his voice was not confident enough. CGI can fix anything though. He is a good actor though and may prove to be a good choice yet. Gal Gadot was an amazing choice for Wonder Women, although I do not know why she showed up in this movie at all. Jeremy Irons as Alfred was very weak in my opinion. I understand they were trying to break the mold from the traditional Alfred in favor of a more hands-on Alfred in the assistance of Batman’s actual gadgetry. I was fine with this aspect. I was not find with believing that Bruce Wayne was in anyway raised by this man or was he in service to the wayne family since he was a child. Alfred’s character will play little to no role, however, in the Justice League so this can be overlooked fairly easily. Lois Lane was brought back from Superman where I had no problem with her there or here. For the only humanoid villain in this movie, Lex Luthor, Zack Snyder chose to go with Jesse Eisenburg in favor of one of the old portrayals of Lex as a sort of jokester as well as a genius. I have always been in favor of the alter-ego where he was more brash and preferred to take a small hand in whatever dealings that he set up as opposed to simply leaving it up to Henchmen. I hope they get rid of Jesse in the next screen time of Lex and replace him with a buffer villain like Vin Diesel (fingers crossed) and that they break out the kryptonian power suit with the League of Doom.

I felt that there was too much story that was tried to be packed into one movie as well as several different story arcs that I would have taken as opposed to the ones that they chose to go with. I still would rate the movie an 8/10 “go see in theaters”. After all, any superhero movie produced is going to have a lot of scrutiny, and will never fully live up to our expectations. It is up to the directors of said movies to produce a work of art that the general populace appreciates and will go see.