With the addition of the new Battlefield 4 “Squad Join” feature on all consoles, Battlefield 4 will finally allow for you and your friends to remain as an operative squad until you leave your friends squad.

Squad Join is one of the longest requested features that the community has been missing since the launch of Battlefield 4, and with the new addition, will bring Battlefield that much closer to surpassing their long-term rival Call of Duty, even as CoD looks to move to the next generation. The addition of Squad Join does have limitations. As in the name, the group of friends you mount may only be as large as a given squad in Battlefield 4. With a 5 player maximum limit to your squad, don’t expect to be guaranteed any lobby ownership with your favorite team of 10 – you may be split up in the lobby at any time, only securing your 5-man squads on a single team at the start of any match.

Squad Join is currently launched as a Beta program, and is available on Conquest, Team Deathmatch, Obliteration, Rush and Domaination. Squad Join is limited to the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 versions of Battlefield 4 with no set limit as to how long the Beta program will remain in test.