Battlefield 4 is going on it’s second year up and running and even tho all of the premium content has been released, as far as expansions go, DICE hasn’t pulled the plug on content. Far from it. DICE has announced that all future content for premium and non premium players will be absolutely free. This future content starts soon with the long awaited spring patch that will add “Gun Master Mode” and 5 new guns to the already massive gun list. They are:

  • AN-94 assault rifle
  • Groza-1 assault rifle
  • Groza-2 assault rifle
  • L86A1 assault rifle
  • Mare’s Leg, aka Saddle Gun Sniper (compact rifle/pistol)
  • Gun Master Mode (BF Wikia): In Gun Master, players race to progress through a list of pre-determined weapons by earning kills with them. The first player to earn a kill with the Knife (the highest level) is the winner. Upon earning the quota for each weapon, the player ascends a level, receiving the next weapon in the list, fully loaded. If a player is the victim of a takedown they are demoted a level. The initial weapons are typically handguns, on through larger firearms, and ending with the knife. The player has access to unlimited ammo in reserve and can still use the knife as a last resort at close range or to demote a leading player, however melee kills will not help the player advance to the next level, ignoring the final knife level. Fallen weapons can be picked up from dead players, however, kills with other weapons will also not allow the player to advance, unless the player picks up the same weapon.

Youtuber DANNYonPC also has some great gameplay video of all 5 of the new guns as they were added to the CTE recently and you can check that out here. NOTE: This footage is pre-alpha so there are a few weapons that have not had their skin added yet.

Future updates and patches are going to be adding “Night Versions” of maps such as Siege of Shanghai, Zavod 311, and Golmud Railway. DICE is also hard at work on a map that is entirely community created and is expected to release in the fall some time and as an added bonus they are also working on a few remakes of  classic Battlefield 3 maps as well, so the Battlefield 4 player base has quite a bit to look forward to this year.