Opening up to the PlayStation 4 on the first day of E3, Battlefield Hardline’s public Beta test is now available for PC users to test.

As Electronic Arts has now opened up the PC version of Battlefield Hardline for public test through a public announcement and sign up page, PC gamers can now work toward the same goals available to PS4 users for testing this fall’s hot shooter. Players who test Battlefield Hardline on the PC and PlayStation 4 need only reach rank 10 before the end of this public testing phase in order to receive a special Battlepack as the title launches this fall. Enabling Facebook sharing of their Beta progress will award players with an additional $1,000 in-game currency to purchase gears during your adventures in the cops vs. robbers title.

Along side this announcement, EA also mentioned an extension of the exiting Beta test for all available platforms. While Hardline was set to be unavailable tomorrow, the Beta test will now chug along through June 26th, 2014. At some point the Battlefield Hardline Beta test will reach every platform the title is slated to launch on, from the last generation of consoles through the next gen.