Coming out of Hamburg, Germany in late 2015, a beautiful new adventure awaits you on PlayStation 4 as Silence is officially announced for the home console. Already slated for the PC, Xbox One and Mac, this ties up any loose ends from potential consumers missing out on the wonderful visuals and storytelling.

Steffen Boos, Daedalic Entertainment’s studio manager let the PlayStation 4 announcement public just today.

“We now also have Sony’s approval and we’re looking forward to making Silence available to PlayStation®4 players. This makes Silence a fully fledged multi-platform project; as for the first time, we can release a game for the high-end current-gen consoles, which is an important cornerstone for the company. We strongly believe that narrative-driven games like ours will be well received among console players.”

In Silence, you’ll play as Noah, a boy struggling to find his young sister in the midst of war. Following her against all odds, Noah can only find himself alone in Silence. Upon meeting his sister in Silence, they join a group of rebels led by a determined girl named Kira. As the last bastion of resistance against the terrible seekers – mysterious creatures washing over Silence in ever-growing numbers, the team can only watch while more and more people seem to vanish. Can you find your way back from the silence? Find out in late 2015.