Announcing their first appearance as a press conference holder at the 2015 E3 event, Bethesda Softworks has something big in mind for this year, but what could it be?

As one of the most successful titles on Steam, Bethesda is the studio behind the Elder Scrolls series, as well as Fallout and the latest Doom. Hosting a press conference for the first time in their near 30 years of existence, it’s clear that the company is ready to shake the ground with either a follow-up to one of their many successful franchises or an all-new IP that deserves a big push.

Having released their last Fallout title in 2010 with “New Vegas”, projections expect that war will “never change” yet again with the event in June, but the company may also release Dishonored, Wolfenstein or many other sequels – if not more than one. With a reputation in only their name, Bethesda Softworks can get away with releasing a game and find success in quality. Breaking out the big guns on June 16th, we expect to see multiple announcements, not just one.