For all you Assassins out there that have been enjoying your time on the high seas its time for some new DLC. Blackbeard’s wrath is a multiplayer patch and the first of many coming for Assassins Creed IV Black Flag. It will run you $2.99 from the Abstergo Store or if you got the season pass for $19.99 you get this and many more to come. Including the single-player campaign called Freedom Cry. Edward Kenway’s first mate Adewale, now a trained Assassin, will use his new talents to free a slave community over the course of Freedom Cry’s nine missions. Season Pass Owners are also entitled to an exclusive Kraken Ship Pack that makes Kenway’s ship look like a sea monster.


With this latest bit of DLC you will get three new playable characters just in time for the new community event The Takeover this weekend December 13th – 15th. Everyone that participates in the event will get the title “The Pirate Legend.” As well as getting to play on two new maps “Plantation” and “St Mathieu” So much good stuff if your into the PvP aspect of this game. Remember this is available for all platforms PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. So get out there and show the world how awesome you are.

Gruff, and short-tempered, Blackbeard uses fear to get his way. Although little is known of his early life, he is believed to have been born between 1680 and 1685, in Bristol, and took to the sea from as young as sixteen years of age. By 1717, he had become a pirate icon.




The daughter of a rebel, she grew up fighting. As a young woman, she developed a talent for negotiation, and a knack for languages. She broke ties with her family to serve as a military advisor for a Qing dynasty general her father opposed, and ultimately performed so well, she was granted a diplomatic post. Using piracy as a cover for her political activities she traveled the world, eventually banding with the Templars to serve her ultimate desire for negotiated order.



Cuali (a name which means “good” in Nahuatl) is an Aztec warrior from Mexico, who took to the sea, joining any mission that would allow him to combat the Spanish conquest of central America. A fighter, he survived the destruction of his community and went on to join forces with a growing contingency of native Templars who sought renewed peace and order.