At Pax Prime 2015 I had the opportunity to sit down with Daniel Hyun Lee, Global Marketing Director and Jason Lee, Global Service Group for 4:33 Creative Lab out of Korea. Unfortunately they were tasked with the challenge of proving to me that a mobile game could pack as big a punch as a console game could. If many of you that know me I am truly not a fan of mobile gaming, sure they are addictive and cute but they seem to be a waste of time. This could be a bit of the old timer that I am but I would rather feel the controller in my hand or look at a larger screen to play my games. Today I am singing a slightly different tune as I was quite impressed with the quality of Blade: Sword of Elysion.

4:33 Creative Labs is still an independent publisher, but with over 190 employees at their call they have shown that they have what it takes to release quite a few hit games in the Korean market, some examples would be RushtankHero, or 1994 Robot King. With Blade: Sword of Elysion formerly released as Blade for Kakao (Korea) or Blade: The Age of Blood (Australia) both hit games in their regions, over 6 million downloads in Korea alone. They decided to bring it to the states, but we are not just getting reskinned version of the game. 4:33 has taken a lot of time to add new features to the game and will continue to do so with regular updates.

About Blade: Sword of Elysion,

Blade: is a fast-paced action role-playing game that lets players challenge each other in synchronous, real-time player-versus-player (PvP) arena battles. The game also offers multiple playable characters, a massive single-player campaign, and the truly tough Infinity Dungeon mode, which blitzes players with round after round of boss battles.

  • Competitive real-time PvP
  • Multiple characters with a distinct set of skills and fighting styles
  • more than 100 mighty weapons
  • 80 single-player dungeons
  • Infinity Dungeon that offers 100 deadly rounds of boss battles
  • mobile experience powered by Unreal Engine technology

Let’s get to my experience with Blade. I was instantly blown away with how responsive the controls were. They were very tight and super quick, I didn’t  notice any latency with the attack buttons but what was astonishing was the virtual left control stick. So many mobile games I have played in the past the stick felt sloppy and I would have to keep repositioning my thumb to regain control of my character. With blade it didn’t take much movement to get your character to move but not only that it seemed if my thumb was out of the circle that it would still recognize my  placement allowing me time to reposition once I was not in battle. You have five buttons for attack three special moves one primary attack and a block button. To add just a little more to the arsenal the block button had three purposes, one block, two counter, and three to roll. This was a nice addition so you didn’t feel like you were locked down with the most basic of controls. The visuals of the game were very stunning for a mobile of course with the small screen it is hard to see the most intricate of details. I will say i was in no way disappointed.

As we got into the details about the Infinity Dungeon it looked like most battle royals “keep fighting wave after wave till you can’t fight any more” There is a purpose behind this rather than to show your might as it is a great way to grind gear. Jason Lee had another interesting feature to show me in the auto attack button, something common in eastern games but not so here in the western market. I myself didn’t see they need for this feature until Jason made some valid points.

Say you’re in a meeting with your boss and he is chewing you out, just three clicks you’re in auto battle so you can keep grinding.

Perhaps your girlfriend needs to talk to you right now after you just started your dungeon run three clicks and you can focus on her while again your game will keep going. 

 I can’t say it is something I would use often but under those circumstances I could see myself giving it a try. 

A key feature that will be coming later to tie into the PvP aspect of the game will be guilds. These will consist of ten individuals that will have opportunities to climb up a leaderboard that will update weekly. Some of the rewards for competing in guild battles will be “hard” currency that will be in the form of diamonds and used in the cash shop for items. Blade: Sword of Elysion is a free to play game where you’ll earn in game gold for items or pick up diamonds to obtain epic gear.

I look forward to more updates from 4:33 Creative Labs. Go check out their official site at or you can always come back here to Powerleveled where we will be keeping a close eye on Blade: Sword of Elysion as it comes closer to launch.