If you’re one of the lucky applicants who has access to Blizzard’s “Technical Alpha” test of Heroes of the Storm, you currently live in the USA. Announced today on the official Battle.net blog, Heroes’ next phase will include other regions around the world.

With a wide window of possibility, Blizzard’s next phase of the closed Alpha test for Heroes of the Storm will begin in the coming weeks. While the title is still deep in the development process, we’ve had a hands-on with the Alpha test, and Blizzard is taking the title as seriously as their World of Warcraft and Diablo series through the development phase. Giving the title a complete overhaul during technical Alpha testing is natural for Blizzard, and HotS is no exception. With a completely re-designed user interface, new heroes, skins and details dropping over the last few months, players with Alpha testing access can expect to go with Blizzard’s flow while playing one of the most solid MOBAs [not yet] on the market.

This expansion is designed to test the limits of Blizzard’s infrastructure, according to the blog post. Heroes of the Storm’s release in global regions will allow Blizzard to begin testing varying hardware types, connection types, and the latency issues in Heroes of the Storm under these conditions. Blizzard will encourage Alpha testers to contribute their feedback during testing, as expected of most early access testing. Those interested need only sign up for the Alpha to be eligible through your personal Battle.net profile. Acceptance is not guaranteed, but it’s always worth a shot with the title’s quality at the highest standard.