Fresh off the heels of the PAX East 2015 conference, Blizzard Entertainment is ready to reveal its next hero to take the battleground, as well as an all-new battleground to compete within.

Taking its place among multiple battlegrounds in Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard is looking to expand the number of arenas in which you’ll be doing battle with the addition of the Tomb of the Spider Queen. Playing in a “small map that feels like a knife fight in a closet,” Blizzard is improving on an already varied group of maps that players may compete in while playing Heroes of the Storm – whether in ranked matches or unranked play. Unlike in other MOBA titles, Heroes of the Storm has a varied group of mirrored maps that do not play at an angle and leave all pivotal and non-essential objectives exactly the same distance from both teams. This format allows Blizzard to develop multiple maps with varied objectives that may all be played in both standard and ranked play without giving either team a disadvantage. With the addition of the Tomb of the Spider Queen, Blizzard is throwing in a fairly compact map that breaks from the vast maps of the past to keep the fighting hot and heavy.

It’s a dark and moody interior space where you destroy enemy minions to claim the gems they drop. Turning these gems in will summon a powerful wave of Webweavers to attack your enemies. You drop any gems you’re carrying when you die, but while your enemies can’t pick them up, savvy opponents may deny your teammates the opportunity of retrieving them.

Announcing a new character along the way, Heroes of the Storm only builds characters which exist in the Blizzard universe, applying most recently to The Lost Vikings. Dropping in the all-new character of Sylvanas Windrunner, Blizzard brings both variety and balance to the mix yet again. Rather than going into the plot details behind Sylvanas, here’s a quick rundown by Blizzard as to her skill set and game play features, spanning two videos and a few skill descriptions.

The Dark Lady is a sneaky, evil Specialist Hero who specializes in high DPS and Siege damage, corrupting and cursing towers and minions to shut them down.

First up is “Withering Fire” (Q). This ability rapidly shoots arrows at the closest enemy target for light damage, prioritizing enemy Heroes. It stores up to 5 charges and can be used while moving to quickly unleash a barrage of lethal burst damage. Targets killed by Sylvanas will replenish the ability’s charges so Sylvanas can continue to rain death upon her foes.

Next is the “Shadow Dagger” (W) ability. This ability initially deals light damage to the target and then sticks around to deals moderate damage over the next few seconds. As it deals damage, the effect spreads to nearby targets, so it’s especially useful in tightly packed groups where the effect can overtake the entire enemy force.

The third ability we showcased was “Haunting Wave” (E). This ability sends forth a wave of banshees who deal moderate damage to all targets. The ability can be reactivated to teleport to the banshees’ location for added mobility—just what a nimble ranger needs for flanking maneuvers, chases, or clutch escapes.

Next we shared Sylvanas’s first Heroic Ability, “Wailing Arrow” (R1). This ability shoots a special arrow that explodes for heavy AOE damage and silences enemies for 2.5 seconds. It’s a flexible ability that can be used to clear waves, hunt down Heroes, and interrupt their channeled abilities.

Lastly, we shared Sylvanas’s second Heroic Ability, “Possession” (R2). This ability forces an enemy Minion or Mercenary to fight for you. Targets gain bonus health and deal more damage while serving the Banshee Queen. The more powerful the target you steal, the longer you’ll have to wait to use the ability again, so there’s strategy in who you recruit.

Blizzard has made a few more changes to the client this week as well and as we overview the update we’ll be sure to get back to you with more details right here on PowerLeveled.