Published by Iceberg Interactive in cooperation with developer TimeSymmetry, Vector Thrust is now available on Steam Early Access for those who love open combat flight.

“Vector Thrust is finally ready for take-off. I’m excited to see what our entry into Early Access will bring, as the Vector Thrust community has always been very dedicated and true to the game. I’m looking forward to hearing early adopters’ thoughts and ideas, and I’m very curious to see what manner of mods are going to pop up in the coming weeks. It’s going to be a fascinating and exciting period in the development of Vector Thrust.”

– Cláudio Rodrigues, CEO of Timesymmetry

Taking off as a fast-paced arcade flight sim, Vector Thrust is takes advantage of a cel-shaded world of single player and multiplayer game modes. With an extensive variety of game modes like the unpredictable and vicious Quick Action, a customizable Skirmish mode, and multiple immersive story-based campaigns, Vector Thrust aims to please both players those who simply want to hit the skies and those looking for a diverse gaming experience.

As your experience with Vector Thrust grows, your ability to build on that experience can grow with you. Vector Thrust enables players to alter any aspect of the game, ranging from simple tweaks to full-blown modifications. Gamers can add user-made skins, alter unit performance and parameters, or even complete battle scenarios. With fully fleshed out map, mission and campaign editors, Vector Thrust boasts unlimited expandability and adaptability. There is no end to the depth of a combat flight mission in Vector Thrust aside from your imagination.

Vector Thrust Features:

Various game modes — Quick Action, Skirmish, Multiplayer, and story-based campaigns
Multiple missions via a series of campaigns
More than 200 unlockable aircraft in the simple yet competitive Challenge mode
Advanced tactical AI that responds to the world around it
Clash against titanic aerial fortresses and super weapons
Duel with a myriad of Ace fighter squadrons, each with their own unique combat strategies
Players can modify their game with simple modding tools and share creations with others

Vector Thrust is now available on Steam Early Access for just $13.49 through August 28th. Vector Thrust is in its Alpha stage of development and encourages players to give their feedback through Steam for future changes to the title.