With Street Fighter 5 news hitting us left and right there is only one thing I care about – will I want to buy a PS4 just to play it? The answer is a glaring “Hadoken yes!” The game looks as polished as ever, and way different than any other Street Fighter game.

Here are some facts that you need to know before the game release. Cross platform play means that if you own a PS4 you can play someone who plays on the PC version of the game. With Sony fronting the bill for exclusivity, Capcom will have seemingly endless resources to put behind the game. Most importantly, you have to have a PS4 or a game ready PC to play it – it won’t hit the Xbox platform throughout it’s entire life cycle. This harkens back to the Super Nintnedo days of Street Fighter, and adds loads of controversy to the series which has enjoyed multi-platform existence for some time.

We have only seen Ryu and Chun Li in any gameplay footage, but tonight at Capcom Cup one character that fans did not expect was announced – Charlie. Charlie has been a fan favorite to return and never did in the Street Fighter 4 series. With Omega mode right around the corner Capcom is not getting off this train any time soon.

Want to know more about how we feel? Check out the official trailer followed up right after with my thoughts on the release below.