Intern-level positions at Shotgun Mouthwash are non-paid positions. We understand that stepping into the video game industry requires experience, and are willing to give that to any users interested. Our staff has both experience and industry contacts, and we would love to see you working with us — working toward your personal goals.

Live Streamers [Intern]

— Live streamers for Shotgun Mouthwash need only be interested in streaming content on a regular basis. With a variety of content being of interest, live streaming at Shotgun Mouthwash should be entertaining, and will likely mean being in a group conversation via Skype or other voice service as you stream – for viewer interest. Censorship is not required, though language or aggressive action used to insult viewers will result in immediate removal from your position as live streamer [provocation or not].

//Applications for Live Streamers are currently open. Please submit your current Live Stream feed URL to the email provided below if you are interested in streaming with us, using the title, “Live Stream Feed URL.” // Fighting genre, FPS, RTS, MOBA.

Periodical Video [Intern]

— Video bloggers for Shotgun Mouthwash are tasked with daily or weekly announcements in a specific niche, unless otherwise requested. Video news or original content requires cleanliness, a fair attitude, and knowledge of a topic prior to your recording. Applicants should provide sample recordings of their work, and may work as individuals or a team to complete their periodical projects. Recording hardware is not provided. Software may be provided, if it can benefit your project’s production quality.

//Applications for the following Periodical Video positions are currently available:

  • League of Legends weekly tutorial — “Carry Me! A Newbie’s Guide to [Character Name]”
  • One male and one female lead to record a daily news Vlog in alternating daily shifts — “Brush Up”
  • Technology and mobile daily news Vlog — “Blown Circuit” [name subject to suggestions]
  • Casual gaming weekly news vlog — “In Bed”

Shoutcasters [Intern]

— Shoutcasters for Shotgun Mouthwash are expected to record personal video of themselves and/or other players in competition, as well as record audio announcing the games as they happen. You should be both entertaining, and informative, as applicants who are hired will know their respective games inside and out. Applicants are NOT expected to shoutcast for more then one title, but will shoutcast on a periodical basis, and be places on our events calendar at // MOBA, FPS, PVP-MMO, RTS.

Writers [Intern]

— Shotgun Mouthwash is looking for any writers willing to keep up with daily news of interest. We will provide you with the resources you need to post relevant press releases and game data, such as videos and images where applicable. Examples of strong original writing are recommended when submitting a resume, as opinion pieces are equally, if not more important than factual works in terms of “News.”

//Applications for the following Writing positions are currently available:

  • [2] Mobile category writers for Shotgun Mouthwash will cover all variety of mobile, from cellular (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) to personal mobile devices (Nintendo 3DS, Pebble Smartwatch). This position may include hardware and accessory reviews as applicable.
  • [2] Technology category writers for Shotgun Mouthwash will cover any technological or scientific news relevant to technology, so long as it is not a personal mobile device related subject. This position is imperative that you are passionate about the future of the technological world, and can write strong theoretical essays along with your typical news press.

Are you interested in working for Shotgun Mouthwash? If so, send your resume to, with a relevant sample of your best works (Video or Written). I’ll send you a reply e-mail if you can fill a position here at Shotgun Mouthwash. Your interest is always appreciated, and if you cannot qualify for the position, we will get back to you as to why. We want to ensure the success of all writers, as a passion for the industry is what drives our company.