Community Efforts Orlando (CEO) is an annual gaming tournament that is taking place right now in Orlando, FL and will last until Sunday the 29th. This tournament is all about fighting games and is part of the Capcom Pro Tour. Check out the CEO website HERE.

But we all know that you are here to watch some of the best in the world fight for our pleasure…and money. Here are the streams:



iK0gjKGz8mcLs CEO Gaming   ibh0sKXU8WIuhL CEO Stream 2 – Funky P jbaRsgtIIv8CIq CEO Stream 3 – VGBootCamp


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Brackets and Pool

Here are links to the brackets and pools for every game being played:

Pools –…rive_web#gid=4
Brackets –

FighterMania II

FighterMania II will take place Friday Night at 8 PM.

Project M

16-Man Project M Free For All Last Man Standing

Taking place Friday night this exhibition features 16 competitors(4 of which are the Project M Team!) in an all out war for CEO bragging rights. This will be an amazing showcase of what Project M has to offer.
Rules are simple,
16 players will be randomly placed into 4 Four man free for alls with one winner advancing out of each to create a final four match.
5 Stock with only Smash Balls turned on Medium.
Final 4 will face off with a very special surprise to be showcased during the event.
All of this takes places on the fully customized CEO PM Stage.

Mortality eSports ChuDat
CT Chibo
CT Zero
Curse HungryBox
Curse Chillindude829
C9 Mang0
Strong Bad
Liquid Ken
The Reflex Wonder
EMP MewTwoKing


UMVC3 6-Man Money-In-The-Bank Ladder Match

Taking place Friday night this exhibition features 6 competitors vying for CEO bragging rights. 
Rules- In this 6 man match,
Two players will be chosen at random to face off in a single 1 Game 2/3 matches set. Winner stays and gets to challenge another player from the remaining 4.
They can not play the same person twice in a row which would mean to get to the top of the ladder they would have to beat every other opponent at least once.
First player to reach 7 wins and climb the top of the ladder to claim the prize.

Winner will receive $200 Cash and a chance to play the UMvC3 Champion on Sunday for an additional prize TBD.

Allen Hou 
Full Schedule 
MMG Apologyman 
UGC Paradigm

Ultra Rumble

Ultra Royal Rumble

The Main event this year is something never done before in the FGC. 30(May drop to 20 players due to time constraints and will be decided by Friday afternoon). players will be entered for the chance to showcase their skills and adapt on the fly.
Each selected player will randomly pick a number 1-30 around 2 pm At CEO 2014.
1 and 2 will start the Rumble off in a single game 3/5 rounds with the winner staying on.
From then on it after each game the next numbered participant will come out until we have a final man standing.
Winners keep their same character throughout However the person who eliminates the most competitors in a row will have a chance to redeem themselves against the last man standing if that is not already the winner of the event. 
Winner gets to face the Ultra SF4 Champion on Sunday for an additional Prize TBD! Oh yeah, and for this exhibition we’ll be using EDITION SELECT MODE.

Credits go to NeoGAF and CEO Gaming