Chiv Controller

Just in time for the free weekend on Steam from 11/21 to 11/23 at 1PM PT it looks like Chivalry has add a few updates for everyone. If you have not tried it or perhaps you have but have not played in awhile then its time to come back and give it another go. So join everyone this weekend for some hack and slash pvp Medieval Warfare style.

Chiv free

Added Big Picture Support

  • Now you can play in the big picture to give you that feel your playing on a console

Added Full Controller Support

  • Players are now able to choose between keyboard and mouse or a gamepad

Removed Launcher

  • Launching the game now goes through Steam Launch Options
  • Stay tuned for the new way we will alert users to Chivalry News


  • Fix issue where game crashes without Steam (bSteamEnabled = false)
  • Join Game now allows you to halt a search that’s in progress
  • Fixed issue users were having when trying to manipulate the advanced filters in the Server browser
  • Filtering by Locked servers now functions properly
  • Placeable variant of GiantSlayersFamilyInfo added for TO2 maps
  • -windowed now disables borderless

Be sure to check out the 5 Community made Team Objective maps added to the game in the Fortification Map pack!

Chiv Fortific