Despite being developed by Valve themselves, and having the home field advantage, Counter Strike is now no longer the king of the mountain in the multiplayer space on Steam. Dethroned just this week for the first time in many years, Counter Strike now sits at number two on the list of “Highest Rated” titles in Steam’s Multiplayer category.

So who could take down this giant, you ask? Only Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball. Having an “overwhelmingly positive” review score is one thing, but being an absolutely perfect game is damned near what you’ll need to be an indie title that can take down the beast that is Counter Strike. Released as a part of the Steam Early Access program, Robot Roller-Derby Disco Dodgeball not only took the crown in Multiplayer this week, but it did so without being a full release – a testament to the addictive nature of the title and its game play.

Set in a world that could remind you of Tron, ‘Disco Dodgeball has been created as an Early Access title done with, with involvement and feedback from the fans. Under development by just a single person, a huge content update just hit for the title, expanding on the already addictive game. Featuring a new “Arcade” mode, you’ll battle waves of enemy bots and special bosses with the ability to perform stunt shots for bonus in-game currency. An EMP dodgeball, homing dodgeball, an unblockable fireball, jetpacks and the ability to slow down time are now at your robot’s disposal in this all-new mode. Set to add a traditional “high score” gameplay for those who don’t love the already addictive multiplayer, developer Erik Asmussen is taking user feedback into account more now than ever as the full release approaches soon.

Ready for their Steam anniversary, release of the first “full version” download will come on February 19th. If you’re ready for this projectile-based sports FPS that sets you racing around in a dance club with jet-powered robots, you can download it now for just $9.99 on the official Steam page. Said to play “…like you enabled ‘all-throwing-knife’ mode in other shooters, and were all on skateboards, and at a rave,” you might want to have a look before full release in just over one month to get an edge on the newbie competition. After all, Counter Strike is last week’s news.