Working up a huge boost of steam on Kickerstarter right now, the crowd-funded Real-Time Strategy game “Human Resources” is fully destructible as a larger scale friend to Pacific Rim fans.

Setting tentacle monsters against massive robots in urban warfare, Uber Entertainment’s Human Resources title is set to crank up the Real-Time Strategy genre with fully destructible environments and an all-new look at the stories you know. Using Humankind as the victim between the wars of massive monsters, choose between the tentacle-based creatures of war or robotic death machines in a conflict so far above the human world that we are simply consumed to fuel their destruction. Breaking far and away from the typical “humans will overcome” formula, Human Resources is looking to focus on combat, a full and balances creatures list that we’ve come to expect in RTS titles and breathtaking visuals set in fully destructible worlds.

Built on the tone and pacing of a Command and Conquer title with the scale of Annihilation, Human Resources is looking for your support to fund full scale combat which takes places on pieces of our shattered world set floating into space, headed to the hungry mouths of each faction’s overlords. While battles unfold on floating fragments of our world, your funding helps create randomly generated terrain and cities for everlasting combat situations. With the successful campaign Planetary Annihilation having launched on September 9th, and ongoing support therein, Uber Entertainment is looking to expand into a $1.4 million dollar goal by November 4th.

Those who donate toward the Kickstarter can get a copy of Human Resources for an early adoption rate of just $20 – $10 cheaper than Uber’s Annihilation titles launched at. Pick up the deal while you can and help push forward the interactive and destructible worlds that send Humanity into the face of resourceful death. With just two weeks left on this Kickstarter campaign, we can push through and drive the RTS community toward a better future. Check out the trailer and unit concept art below for more information, and head over to the official Kickstarter campaign to have your part in the future of Human Resources.