Crytek’s coming MOBA [Multiplayer Online Battle Arena] titled “Arena of Fate” is flipping the world of MOBA games upside down – so much so, that “MOBA” might be a loose term for what the game actually delivers.

In Arena of Fate, much like in Blizzard’s coming MOBA “Heroes of the Storm”, players will forego the requirement for getting the last hit on the enemy team’s minions – an objective required to gain gold in the popular League of Legends MOBA. Additionally, items will no longer be purchased in order to improve your character’s performance, and Arena of Fate steps ahead of Heroes of the Storm’s changes to the MOBA genre by adding a time limit to each match, and score limit – rather than destroying the enemy team’s “Nexus” or other primary spawn point.

Crytek is looking to change the formula set by Riot Games in League of Legends. By eliminating the traditions of the MOBA framework, Arena of Fate is taking a giant risk to appeal to a wider audience and take out all frustrations within the genre for millions of players.

“We’ve tried to make this game very approachable. So we’ve tried to remove some of the toxic elements that exist in, unfortunately, some of the other products. In order to do that, we started with the design questions of what was actually causing conflict among teams.” – Crytek Publisher Producer David Bowman

As a large part of the steps in making the title approachable, Crytek is looking to this formula to eliminate conflict within a single team while leaving competition between opposing sides. Imagine a player’s experience in League of Legends or DOTA 2 where you haven’t got to compete for gold in the lane. Crytek believes that with this elimination, users won’t feel tense when the “last hit” isn’t successful. In the same token, eliminating an items system helps relieve some of the pressure of an accepted meta game – no players will be upset over an items choice if there are no items to choose.

In place of an items system, gold you earn in the lane which has been shared among all players in that lane will be used to add stats such as magic resistance when you have returned to you spawn. Use these advantages properly to score more objectives than your opponent in a 20 minute time limit, up to 10 points and you’ll find yourselves as the winning team. Certainly these changes mean a dramatic shift in the MOBA space, but whether it’s all good or bad is up to you.

For more information about Crytek’s Arena of Fate, head over to the official website. Arena of Fate is currently in the Beta testing phase and is subject to change.