DarkScape is Jagex’s new spinoff of RuneScape© which came out on September 16 is already racking up its death counters. On the first day of release everyone started at level 3, viewed their surroundings, and then started and overall murder brawl of their neighbors which lasted for several hours until everyone got out of their systems that they could actually kill in Lumbridge.

There are several key differences between RuneScape© and DarkScape. First, is that several of the key farmable resources for money, such as yew trees, have been moved to “high risk” areas. This was to prevent players from inflating the economy too much in the first week of the game. Another key feature is the addition of actual are varying levels of risk. The areas of risk vary with the lowest risk area being the free to play area in regular RuneScape©. Risk areas function much like the Wilderness risk areas in that going to a higher risk area increases the level at which other players can attack you and vice versa. The wilderness is the highest risk area and has a drastically reduced vision and no mini-map available. Good old fashioned tracking skills are needed for this one. Another difference is the fact that all of the quests and land are available to anyone playing the game. While there is membership, it is only in the game to allow faster leveling in skills. Additionally, being a member in RuneScape© automatically gives membership in DarkScape. The Grand Exchange was changed completely in the sense that there is now a Grand Exchange in almost every major city. This is to prevent items being put into banks and sold in high risk areas to the low risk areas with ease. For all you runners out there, running items between risk areas will be the new way to make money with high risk-high reward. Obviously, with different exchanges there is different banks in the risk areas. Different tabs are available for different areas to store items in. No items may be transferred within the bank to another tab’s risk level. All teleportation has been disabled unless the user is completely naked.

Many other differences might exist or not exist which you and I will both have to explore for ourselves. Join me this week as I dive into the harsh and cruel world now known as DarkScape.