The acclaimed and highly anticipated Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition will be available on March 4th to download as a Playstation 4 exclusive for only $14.99, or if you’re a Playstation Plus member, you can download the game for the absolutely low price of FREE!

Set in a zombie apocalypse, Dead Nation is essentially the same game released in 2010 on the Playstation 3 with upgraded graphics and in 1080p. However, the game comes with a few significant changes from the original. Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition includes a campaign mode, which can be played online or on your console, compared to the original where you could only play with other players on the same console. It also includes a Challenge mode, that allows you and your friends to compete for the highest scores on any level.

The most interesting feature, however, is Broadcast+. This feature allows you to stream your game from your PS4 and allow the viewers to make integral decisions. The decisions that the viewers make will impact the game in various ways, and can either help or hinder your progress. A particularly fun part of this feature, is that your viewers’ names will appear in game as zombies, allowing you to punish those who have attempted to obstruct your progress!

More information can be found on the Playstation website.