Thanks to a snag with The United States Patent and Trademark Office, Deep Down is running out of time to bring a product to the USA – but there’s still hope.

Three months ago Capcom made a formal request to The United States Patent and Trademark Office for their second extension to prove their functional use for their trademark for Deep Down. As of this month the office has approved this extension allowing Capcom to prove that “Deep Down” will be used for functional commercial purposes in the US within the next six months. Capcom now has until September 11th to make a commercial impact with the property – through advertising, a launch or other fiscal impact.

If Capcom cannot live up to their end of the deal, Deep Down must file another extension where they have up to five possible extensions with the Patent and Trademark Office. Capcom has a chance for denial from the office on any of these requests, and with their multiple Beta delays in Japan to this point we may well never see the beautiful game come to US shores. We can only hope that the game comes to light before it’s too late.

Please Capcom, don’t let us down now. We want to play more than Street Fighter.