Starting on July 17th, 2014, the Destiny Beta test is nearly upon us, and you should be VERY excited for your next opportunity to step into The Traveler’s shadow.

Announced as part of “Bungie Day,” Bungie dropped the second info-graphic post this month, revealing when we can get our hands on the title for the second time as external testers. While we’ve already been blown away by the Destiny Alpha test, your next opportunity to try your hand at Destiny will depend on which platform you’re going to play the game.

For those who pre-ordered Destiny, your Beta test codes will be out in your e-mail boxes by July 10th, allowing you to choose your platform and be prepared for the testing phase. If you’re a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4 tester, seven days later on July 17th, it’s time to get in and lose a few hours of sleep for the sake of your planet. Xbox One and Xbox 360 users won’t enjoy the full term of this Beta phase, as PlayStation platforms have been granted extended Beta access, but they will pick up the same amount of testing time as the PlayStation 4 Alpha phase – beginning on July 23rd, stretching through the Beta’s close on July 27th.

The pre-order Beta test will have a few exceptional days during the course of its run. On July 21st and 22nd, the Beta test will be closed in preparation for the Xbox platform’s launch, meaning that the PlayStation platforms will have to take a break for the two day stretch. After re-opening on July 23rd, Destiny will continue on full course, and any users who are logged into the platform on July 26th at 2 PM Pacific Standard Time will earn an exclusive in-game emblem, and the test is said to include some “fun and unexpected surprises throughout the Beta,” for those who have tested through the Alpha phase. Expect some turbulence during that 2 PM hour, as Bungie is looking to push the servers to the max and ensure a great launch on September 9th.

While over 6 million instances of Destiny were played during the Alpha test on PlayStation 4, Bungie should see at least quadruple that figure by opening up four times the platform options for this test. For more information on Destiny and its five retail versions, be sure to look out for the PowerLeveled team on Destiny, and we’ll see you int he Crucible on July 17th.