Picking a fight with the Devil Walker is one of the first truly challenging things you’ll encounter on your quest to save our Solar System, Guardian. As one of the fiercest members of the Fallen, the Devil Walker is a savage opponent for the uninitiated, but with training and an understanding of what you’ll go up against in the field, taking down this spider tank won’t be a problem.

Fighting through a two-phase system of combat, Devil Walkers will come prepared for anything you have to throw at it, and bring assistance to the battlefield. With care and precision you can pick off any additional units in your way and reload to unload on the weaknesses of the Walker.

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Phase 1: Damage Phase

As the Devil Walker’s primary phase, you will face off against not only the Devil Walker, but a few additional units including Shanks, Vandals, Dregs and a Captains periodically as the Walker’s life diminishes. Use these additional units as fodder while fighting against the Devil and you’ll find yourself with enough ammunition that you won’t have to kill yourself to finish the fight. While Shanks, Vandals and Dregs are easily fought off with your primary and secondary weapons, the Captain should be taken out with your heavy weapon for the most effective use of that ammunition in this fight. A Devil Walker isn’t particularly weak to the rocket launcher in any position, nor is a heavy machine gun an effective application of damage per second against this monster of a machine.

Fully restocked in ammunition, and with additional damage inflicting units gone from worry, your focus on the spider tank will vary in the two phases. While most users will gravitate their fire on the red core in the torso of this beast or to the turret on top, you should not fire upon this area in the first phase of combat. Focus instead on the legs of the Walker, as they will take critical damage if the leg remains shielded. Your primary weapon will serve for the best damage to the leg areas of this Devil while your heavy weapons deal only marginally more damage and can be put to better use against the Walker’s assistants.

While in combat with the Devil Walker, ordinance can be your best friend if used properly, or a waste of time if used improperly. During this standing and active phase of the Walker, those who have area of effect damage attacks such as a grenade that create a long-term bubble of damage should use them immediately. Though these damage types do not typically generate critical strikes [seen as yellow numbers in combat] they will not be more effective in the second phase of the Walker’s fight. Only precision weapon shots through the second phase will deal the most effective critical strikes in the second phase, meaning that there’s no reason for you to wait and rocket launch the spider while it appears to be weak. During this standing phase, area of effect damage types can hit multiple targets simultaneously leading to more overall damage than a few big critical hits on a single target in the second phase. Aim your area of effect damages for just under the turret on either side of the red torso shell for the most effective punch.

The primary objective of this phase in combat is to focus fire the beast’s legs “off”, destroying the outer shell and exposing the weak inner core behind his red shielded torso.

Phase Two: Downed Phase

During this secondary phase, staged to occur when any of the Devil’s legs have been destroyed, the Walker will lean downward on the leg which has been destroyed. While crouched and diminished, the Walker will not fire upon Guardians and a weak inner core will become exposed.

If you are a Warlock class, and most versions of Titan, this is the best time to pull out your primary weapon and get into position. Firing on this weak inner core will deal double critical damage for each shot taken, but without the precision of a rifle you will not hit with a critical strike. There is no sense on hitting with an area of effect damage in this phase with only one exception. For Titans which use Aftermath in cooperation with their Super ability, this is the most efficient time to use your super against a Walker. At no other time can you safely attack the Walker in short range, so have at it if you’ve got no fear of that Captain and his crew spawning in your area soon.

Hunters may choose to use their Super in this phase as well, as a precision strike to the weak point of a Walker can be the most effective Super in Destiny against this early-level boss. Warlock Supers are generally constructed as area of effect damage, so those who attack the core with their Super as a ‘lock will find themselves disappointed with the results.

Each of these two phases will repeat themselves throughout the fight with a Walker until it has died off, but your survival against its arsenal of weapons is essential if you don’t want to spend upward of hours resetting your team’s combat instance just to take the monster down.||

The Devil Walker’s Weapons

Aside from the team of reinforcements that arrive to help out the Devil Walker, the Walker itself brings pain to the battlefield and those uninitiated will find themselves dead on sight if certain cues aren’t noted in combat.

A Devil Walker’s primary weapon lies in its turret. Hosting a laser-sighted cannon, this one-shot-one-kill weapon will target a Guardian before firing, giving those who are aware of their fight a real chance to survive, despite the area effect of the cannon’s damage. This primary cannon will require between 1-2 seconds to acquire a target and once locked will fire on a set location. The cannon’s laser is visible in direction, but if aimed at the user will show as if it were a flashlight in the eyes of the Guardian. Be ready for pain if you see the light, but don’t see the laser line – you will die.

As a secondary weapon on the primary turret, those in medium range will receive a peppering of four lesser rockets from the turret’s base. These rockets have a smaller area of effect than that of the primary cannon, but if you’ve been weakened by a Captain, Shanks or a few Dregs, it is not advised to rest against a pillar as the secondary turret’s targeting system will attack the pylon with the understanding that it can damage you without hitting the Guardian directly. This portion of the turret can be destroyed to reduce the overall damage output of the Devil Walker, but as your damage to the launcher will not be dealt in critical strikes it is not the most effective method for destroying the Walker. Destroy this secondary weapon only in the case that your fight is taking longer than expected.

The Devil Walker will also feature an assortment of close range combat abilities to keep pesky Titans and overzealous Warlocks at bay. In the lower portions of the Walker’s torso you’ll find a belt fed machine gun and grenade dispensary pods. Standing directly in front of the Walker will put you in the mix of a chain gun, primary and secondary turret fire, leading to instant death. If the turret is not trained on your Guardian, the chain gun can deal the same amount of effective damage as that of the secondary turret, but more evenly distributed, resulting in a weapon that is harder to dodge. If you happen to find yourself behind the Walker without the turret aimed directly at your head, you might think the damage is over but it’s not. Devil Walker’s will dispense bouncing grenades in a 30 meter radius from multiple locations on the body, resulting in your demise if you’re attacking during the active phases of combat where a Walker is still in motion. Keep your distance to stay alive.

As a last ditch effort, and something not to be ignored, the Devil Walker serves as a mobile aircraft carrier for some of the most effective mid-range damage dealers in the Fallen. With a built-in Shank storage bay, this spider tank will pop out two Shanks to assist in picking off those Guardians who hide behind rock formations and nearby structures. Though Shanks are some of the most frail targets in the Fallen, don’t underestimate their damage. If you leave a few sets of Shanks alive while focusing on the Devil, you may find yourself in a sticky situation very quickly.

Here’s a quick video going over the most core principals noted in this tutorial.

Following this briefing of the Devil Walker, working your way through the early levels of the Cosmodrome and beyond should be much easier going forward. Make sure to stick behind cover during the mobile phase of the Walker and aim for the weak points, not the mass with precision weapons. If you’re looking for a clan to complete all of the trophies and achievements in Destiny, join our official clan on Bungie.net and we’ll be ready to raid with you on September 9th. Look forward to more in-depth guides on PowerLeveled and follow us on Facebook for more on Destiny every week.