It’s [un]official, the Future War Cult is the best faction in Destiny, thanks to their leaking of the coming DLC and what we can expect from Destiny for the year ahead.

Posted yesterday on Twitter, an image surfaced to the public eye that had been released in France since before the days of The Dark Below that showcases Bungie’s plan for Destiny beyond its first year.

As we know, The Dark Below followed the formula above, and we’ve seen the list of leaks from datamining – as well as the video with every mission unlocked that was released just before The Dark Below, so we can compare this and piece together the House of Wolves DLC.

Don’t get overloaded with the leaked content though, guys and gals. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that exists in the image above – to save your eyes.

The Dark Below and the House of Wolves DLC we know of well. These are the DLC you paid for if you bought the expansion pass. We can see the large gap between their launch here, showcasing Bungie and Activision’s release plans. Though The Dark Below did not release on December 7th, it did launch just days after their original projected date on December 9th, so we can expect the House of Wolves DLC to follow suit. This means we won’t see even a touch of new content in our games until March. While that’s disappointing for some, if you already have the DLC package, that may just allow you to take a Destiny break for a bit, or level up three characters of the same type so you can better grind out content at level 32 when the next package releases.

After the House of Wolves launches, we’re looking at a new disk entirely at one year after launch. This isn’t “Destiny 2”, because it’s on the same track with the original launch, but it’s following in the vein of World of Warcraft here by potentially including the DLC from previous launches and bumping the level cap up to 30/40. According to “The Tower”, that French website we mentioned earlier, we’ll look forward to raiding on a “Comet”, as a Hive ship makes its way to the solar system. This raid comes along with new subclasses for your characters, two new weapon types, and will include further DLC to be released afterward. This DLC package will be available digitally for those who already own Destiny, and will include 12 new stories, 4 strikes, a new raid as mentioned, as well as 6 new PVP maps. As this is about twice the size of our existing DLC packs, look forward to paying about $30-35 for the new Destiny DLC digitally.

Having no projected dates on the final two DLC, dates may be similar to that of this year if Destiny lasts on through into 2016-2017. They expect to run Destiny through a 10 year cycle, so if only two packs are launched in each year, December, March and September may be the months each year out. Final details on the Vex DLC package launching after the major update in September include 3 stories, two strikes and a raid, with an illegible number of PVP maps, probably in the range of five. As with any leaks, the proof is only solid when the DLC drops, but given Bungie’s history of holding water like a piece of cloth we could be in for a big DLC upgrade some time this September – for some, an upgrade that is finally worth paying money for.