If you’re one of the some half-million players who have smashed their way through the Vault of Glass, you’re probably itching to get your hands on the next content patch for Destiny. Details of the items that we can receive in the coming content update have been released via data mining, and that include some very interesting new possibilities.

Available on DestinyDB after the leak, we’ve put together the complete details for your convenience just below, including information that suggests we may color our vehicles how we like very soon.


  • Necrochasm – Exotic Auto Rifle, Arc Damage – “Eternity is very close. can you feel yourself slipping?”
  • No Land Beyond – Exotic Sniper Rifle, Kinetic Damage – “Every hit blazes the path to our reclamation.”
  • Punk Prayer – Exotic Scout Rifle
  • Devil’s Due – Exotic Shotgun
  • Dragon’s Breath – Exotic Rocket Launcher, Solar Damage – “Burn the world. Burn it all.”
  • Word of Crota – Legendary Hand Cannon, Arc Damage – “There was life, and He spoke unto it; and it was silent, and lived no more.”
  • Abyss Defiant – Legendary Auto Rifle, Void Damage – “We will not go quietly.”
  • Fang of Ir Yut – Legendary Scout Rifle, Solar Damage – “This is the shape and the point of the tooth: nothing has ever lived that will not die.”
  • Oversoul Edict – Legendary Pulse Rifle, Arc Damage – “The light of the will of Crota shines down like a vast and inverse sun.”
  • Swordbreaker – Legendary Shotgun, Arc Damage – “If you’re going to face down a Knight with an ascendant blade, bring an ascendant gun.”
  • Light of the Abyss – Legendary Fusion Rifle, Solar Damage – “In the dark beyond the Hellmouth there is a terrible need for light.”
  • Black Hammer – Legendary Sniper Rifle, Void Damage – “I cannot permit you to exist.”
  • Fist of Crota – Legendary Rocket Launcher, Solar Damage – “Would you defy Me? I am the eater of hope.”
  • Song of Ir Yut – Legendary Machine Gun – “It is the song of endings.”




  • The Stag – Exotic Helmet – “…FEED ME…”
  • Starfire Protocol – Exotic Chest – “13.4 billion years ago, the first stars kindled out of darkness, seeding the future of all life.”
  • Claws of Ahmkara – Exotic Gauntlets – “Look at all this life, oh bearer mine. There is so much left to burn…”

Tier One/Two Legendary Item Sets:

  • Deathsinger’s Gaze – Helmet – “The unnerving awareness of the watcher being watched.”
  • Deathsinger’s Mantle – Chest – “Fashioned from war prizes taken in Crota’s hellish cosmos.”
  • Deathsinger’s Grip – Gauntlets – “Grip the universe. Reshape it. Disregard the screams.”
  • Deathsinger’s Herald – Boots – “Frankly, it’s surprising that these don’t hover.”
  • Bone Circlet – Cosmetic Slot – “A memento of the world Crota ruled.”


  • ATS/8 Arachnid – Exotic Helmet – “Advanced tactical sensorium. Induces hallucinations integrate broad-spectrum targeting data.”
  • Don’t Touch Me – Exotic Gauntlets – “Amputated from a creature that stumbled out of a Vex gate. A vestigial defensive reflex still remains.”
  • Radiant Dance Machines – Exotic Boots – “Built for swift movement, they provide unexpected and decisive social benefits.”

Tier One/Two Legendary Item Sets:

  • Unyielding Casque – Helmet – “The weak will be consumed.”
  • Relentless Harness – Chest – “The splayed claws and empty skull of a Thrall cry defiance to the Hive.”
  • Dogged Gage – Gauntlets – “One doesn’t need sleeves to keep knives inside them.”
  • Tireless Striders – Boots – “If there is no road, then it cannot be long.”
  • Shroud of Flies – Cosmetic Slot – “The gather where death steps.”


  • The Glasshouse – Exotic Helmet – “Everything is luminous.”
  • Ruin Wings – Exotic Gauntlets – “In the Garden grows a tree of silver wings. The leaves are ruin, the bark disaster. Of the seeds we do not speak.”
  • Pardon me. Coming through – Exotic Boots – “Pardon me. Coming through.”

Tier One/Two Legendary Item Sets:

  • Willbreaker’s Watch – Helmet – “Their howls of terror will mark your arrival.”
  • Willbreaker’s Resolve – Chest – “Their blades break against your heart.”
  • Willbreaker’s Fists – Gauntlets – “Take what is yours.”
  • Willbreaker’s Greaves – Boots – “The ground shudders beneath you feet.”
  • Mark of the Pit – Cosmetic Item – “Torn from a vanquished Wizard, it flutters in the windless air.”


  • Exotic Armor Shard – For making ultimate improvements to high-quality armor.
  • Exotic Weapon Core – For making ultimate improvements to high-quality weapons.
  • Epoch Splinter – “Slivers of glass used by the Vex. Isotopic dating suggests their age ranges across billions of years – past and future.”
  • Vehicle Shader Template – “A layer of translation code that allows a shader to interface with vehicle coatings.”
  • Vex Raid Rare – “Vex raid rare material for Vex exotic weapon blueprint.”
  • Glass Shards – “Translucent shards of non-baryonic matter, trembling with contained energy.”
  • Hadronic Essence – “A dense lattice of exotic baryons and mesons, used as an infusion in Warlock fieldweave.” [updated Hadronic Essence description]
  • Hangar Assignment – “A hangar assignment from the Tower Shipwright. No ship lands without one.

Remember that this DLC is available for $20 individually on the PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE for pre-order right now, and was included in both the “Season Pass” style package at Destiny’s launch, as well as included with all deluxe editions. While no hard launch date is locked in at this point, the above mentioned DLC is expected to launch in December with 3 story missions, two strikes and an all-new raid.