Without cheating or manipulating any of the game’s content, a new world record may have been set in Destiny for defeating the “Crota’s End” boss.

With clever use of teamwork, a few Gjallarhorn rocket launchers, and two swords at the same time, this six man group took out Crota in an astounding 61 seconds – close to half the usual time it takes to kill him in the fastest runs we’ve seen. Check out the video below to see the game’s biggest boss die in a flash.

Here are the specifics:

We can assume, though it’s not completely clear in the video, that everyone here has a Gjallarhorn as their Exotic weapon. It’s also certain that they come fully loaded for this video – so if you want to do it, bring an ammo pack. The operative difference between this kill and others is that as they leave their door, they simply rush at the sword bearer. Killing this unit before the spawn of those in the door behind him allows for a second sword bearer to run into the battle. Armed with two swords, the other four members of the fight take on Crota with their Gjallarhorns, and as he falls twice, the fight ends in just over one minute.

This requires an extreme amount of precision, but if it can be done by this group, surely you can do it too. We give it til next week before someone posts an under-a-minute kill. Here’s a video for the previous record, if you’re looking to do it with just one sword – it’s a lengthy 90 seconds or so, not that anybody has time for that.