When Destiny’s next expansion, The Taken King, launches on September 15th those who already have Destiny experience can enjoy a list of bonus features just for being a veteran of the game.

Awarding those who have experience in the Destiny franchise, the launch of Destiny’s third and most significant expansion on September 15th will change more than just player classes. Aside from the outstanding depth of expansion content, including another all-new raid, significant story line changes, and a new subclass for each Guardian type, Destiny players could pick up other benefits this fall. These benefits include an exclusive commemorative “Founder’s Fortune” year one emblem, a unique Sparrow, an all new armor shader “and more.”

No word on what to expect from the “and more,” statement, but those interested in this gear should know that a few stipulations exist. First, and maybe least important, you’ll have to either be level 30 on a character or own both existing expansion packs by August. Second, and clearly more pivotal, you’ll have to buy the new expansion to enjoy its rewards – at least by February first of next year.

The Taken King is the first “Comet” DLC offering available for Destiny since last year’s launch, offering up more content than would be available from other DLC options. The Taken King will be available as a stand-alone ~$40 DLC or as one of two “collectible”-level options, including the last two DLC pitches which released in 2014/2015.