With Bungie hard at work creating new content for Destiny, the latest improvements to the title didn’t bring the challenge Bungie had expected, having been defeated in just half an hour.

As confirmed on Twitter just yesterday, Bungie’s latest changes to the Crota’s End raid didn’t change much in the way of the raid’s actual difficulty, as the mechanics remain very similar throughout. Having been released to the public just yesterday, after only 27 minutes into launch the “Hard Mode” raid was defeated by a team of six players. Blasting through 33 types of enemies and multiple phases faster than when the standard difficulty of Crota’s End launched, the team boasted nearly 700 kills and a Kill/Death ratio averaging 47.67:1. Here’s a look at the official confirmation as Bungie announced it:

There is no word on if this team used any of the cheese methods that may still exist in the game, but it’s an impressive feat nonetheless. Have you beaten the new Hard Mode raid yet? How do you feel about the raid’s mechanics? Sound off in the comments below!