Any skin code released prior to April of 2014 will be retired to combat fraud attempts related to Riot Games’ physical League of Legends skin codes.

As a signature offering from Riot Games, put on offer at many conventions, League of Legends skin codes represent some of the rarest properties available in the free-to-play game. Available as a way of representing your dedication to the game, some skin codes date back to the earliest years of Riot Games, and can net a great deal of profit when sold on Ebay, or other action site. According to Community Coordinator Ben Forbes, these skins have become so popular that a lucrative scam business has come from the sale of characters’ new outfits.

Where it is easy to see how a rare commodity can have a great value, some of these League of Legends skins were reaching upward of $500 US dollars per card or more for their extreme rarity. The first publicly released Penny Arcade Expo skin, PAX Twisted Fate earned such value, and is considered one of the most treasured skins in the League. While this latest update will surely upset those who have (or believe to have) genuine and working skin codes, it is ultimately for the greater good, as players were finding themselves torn away from hundreds of dollars with no outcome.

Any skins sold directly through the League of Legends client will retain their presence, and the rarest of convention skins in League will continue on in their convention exclusivity. Skin codes printed to trade after April 2014 will remain sell-able, so don’t fret if you’re going to PAX Prime, or another convention – Riot will still have swag for you to enjoy at home. As a turn for consumer confidence, if you’re stuck with a code that you haven’t redeemed or sold, you have until July 23 to submit a ticket to League of Legends customer support to add the code to your account. There will be a few hoops to jump through the verify that the code is real, but it should be worth it to not lose out on your investment of a few hundred dollars.

For more information on the Riot Games League of Legends skin policy change, check out the official FAQ page.