Featuring 5-on-5 Multiplayer action and episodic single player, Dreadnought is the best game you can’t play today, and promises to be the best of 2016.

Available exclusively on PC, the Grey Box published “Dreadnought” is a team-based space-action titles with deep roots in the sci-fi genre and some of the tightest game play of any Alpha state title we may have ever played. As the Captain of your own capitol-class space craft, Dreadnought’s current build shows a promising future for the competitive and strategic tactical multiplayer genre by surpassing the competition in customization and creativity while maintaining the highest level of game play polish.

Featuring a range of distinct classes and sub-classes, the space-age ships of Dreadnought are fully at your command and ready to load out to your liking. Tacking on a fantastic set of progression paths for your crew along side a deep level of both visual and mechanical customization, developers Six Foot and YAGER have something you simply must see to believe.

First up, something you should expect from the free-to-play space at this point – did we mention this game is free? Your armada of ships are going to feature skinning options for you to choose from, when you no-doubt become addicted to the game and want to show of how much of a veteran you are.

Secondly, look forward to more visual changes as your ships can feature customized hull appearances as well, with body modifications that give your massive space death machine that epic feeling it deserves. On the functional side of visual adaptation, the battle configurations of your ship are easily spotted. If you’re packing in a broad-side style of combat, the cannons you’ll destroy your enemies with are on full display. Plan on trading those out for a fighter bay to feel more like an aircraft carrier? Drop ship your way to success, but we can see that action coming, which is possibly the most profound visual effect in gaming. This is no sparkling nonsense – this is real, rendered modeling that your scouts and snipers can point out to give your team a tactical advantage on the battlefront.

As you develop into a proficient Captain, you’ll need a proficient crew as well. Your crew is, as in other strategic multiplayer titles, ready to act on your whim and will provide you with unique advantages as well. Rather than the basic advantages of “helps you strafe left”, members of your crew can boast unique perks to your ship such as “At Less Than 40% health, Deal 20% More Damage with your Primary Weapon.” This crew is at your service in every mission and may be ready to level up and grow as a team when the title launches.

Above all things, Dreadnought is fun to play. Featuring fantastic visuals, Dreadnought is ahead of most sci-fi games in 2015, which leads to some of the fun – but not all. Dreadnought rocks out some of the best action in gaming today in a very deliberate and tactical manor. Working with big guns, warp drives and great, intuitive interfacing, you’ll want to get your hands-on with Dreadnought as soon as possible. Launching in “early 2016”, according to our interview with Grey Box today, you can sign up right now for closed Beta access as soon as it becomes available. More information, and sign-up for the Beta is available on the official Dreadnought website, so get in there right now!