Packing an all-new online multiplayer mode, along side a bevy of free content, DriveClub’s latest free content pack brings a touch of Japan to the rest of the world.

Hosting five all-new tracks out of Japan, with 11 total variants to race in drift trials, circuits and point-to-point racing, DriveClub just got bigger than ever – at no cost to you. At the cost of only your time, download the latest 3.33 GB patch and get down to playing a vastly improved version of what was once a train wreck launch.

What can you look forward to out of the update, discounting an already well improved game play features list? Enjoy your new online mode, the multiplayer time trial, on these five maps: Nakasendo, Lake Shoji, Asagiri Hills Racetrack, Takahagi Hills and Goshodaira. Each map includes at least two variants for racing and will pack in weather improvements, changes to AI behavior in races, an option to kick the crowds out of your race, and many minor bug fixes fro all aspects of the game.

Look forward to one of very few paid content updates coming on January 27th through 29th, as the new Apex Expansion Pack gives you another five cars, 11 events and five trophies. The Apex pack will be immediately followed by a Sakura Tour Pack with 11 more events, another 5 trophies and two livery packs.