The last time we let you know about Dungeons of Aledorn they had completed steam greenlight in just six days and were working on getting funding for their Kickstarter.


“The Kickstarter campaign was nerve wracking, but we made it! Dungeons of Aledorn will become a reality, thanks to you all!” said Danny Nezmar, producer. “We’d now like to extend our campaign. So, if you’ve not already pledged there are still some fantastic rewards on offer and with your help, we can reach further stretch goals!”

It looks like Team 21 developers of the new classic style hardcore RPG Dungeons of Aledorn would like to thank everyone for all the amazing support allowing them to completely fund their Kickstarter. Just like any epic adventure it’s never over so, without any delay they have opened a webstore to help further fund some of stretch goals that were not met during Kickstarter. With each of these stretch goal reached Team 21 has detailed a list for all of us to see where they plan to take DOA. As you can see these goals have lots of content and goodies that will be passed to all its backers.

I look forward to many more updates from Team 21 and Dungeons of Aledorn. It’s great to see a new game deeply rooted into the classic style RPG that I myself can say much of my childhood was spent playing. Remember to head over to Dungeons of Aledorn’s official website and keep looking here for more updates at PowerLeveled.