If you’re a fan of free-to-play gaming, it’s a sad day to be that fan and play EA titles. EA is closing down four free-to-play titles soon, according to an official statement.

Looking to build on their existing free-to-play market and cut down on the smaller titles, EA is cutting the strings on some of the most famous, though less popular titles in their free-to-play library. As mentioned in an official statement on the EA website posted by EA’s Executive Vice President today, the company will build on the titles with higher engagement and dump four titles to the wayside.

Ditching out on Battlefield Heroes™, Battlefield™ Play4Free, Need for Speed™ World and FIFA World, EA is closing down these titles based on “how players are engaging with our games” then “listening, learning and shaping our experiences based on that feedback”. Notably Mr Patrick Söderlund said today that it has been more than five years since “most of these titles launched”, though FIFA World stands out as the exception to this rule, launching to the public on November 12, 2013.

EA will continue to focus on existing free-to-play titles such as Star Wars: The Old Republic and their fast-growing mobile sector of free titles with their freshly renewed resources. Each of the titles which will close down this year have 90 days from today’s announcement before they go offline, so if you’re into Battlefield, Need for Speed or FIFA, get to it before the day they shut down after July 14th.