EA DICE, known for their development of Mirror’s Edge will relocate soon, leaving behind the studio that housed their team for the last ten years.

Due to recent expansion of the DICE team, the team will pick up in the new year and enter operations in the city’s Sodermalm district with an all-new facility. Until that time, teams will continue to work from nearby locations, approximately five minutes apart from each other by foot. Movement to a unified studio will of course improve communication and cooperation from the studio, reducing costs and improving development time for the studio.

Currently working on a Mirror’s Edge sequel, Star Wars: Battlefront, and the Frostbite engine, the new Sodermalm district building will not only be large enough to house all of the EA DICE team, but will also fit the EA Nordic team. Using up just 130,000 square feet of space currently the new building could allow the team to expand creatively into 500,000 square feet, though the team may not gain staff members according to EA Studios Vice President Patrick Soderlund.

“Our goal is not necessarily to grow, to be honest. Our goal is to make better games. I don’t think we need more people, necessarily to do that.”

The intent for such a larger building is more in line with future proofing the need for more space in ten or more years, and EA was looking to secure a good home for that future.

I’m surprised to be honest. I’ve seen so many game companies pop up and come out of Sweden and Stockholm. We were kind of early on, the first ones to become relatively large in size. But just in Stockholm you have Mojang, Avalanche, a bunch of other studios. Just north of Stockholm you have Starbreeze, south in Sweden you have Ubisoft Massive. There are so many game developers, plus a plethora of smaller indie developers all over the place, and mobile developers with Rovio…It’s a surprisingly good spread. There’s a lot of indie; there’s a lot of mobile. There’s a lot of AAA, to be honest, maybe more than one can anticipate given AAA is so difficult and expensive to build. There’s a good diversity for sure.”

Sitting down in Stockholm for another 10 years won’t be bad for EA of course, as teams from multiple developers house themselves in the city, attracting the largest crop of skilled developers in Germany [and possibly all of Europe.] EA intends to attract new talent through word of mouth, as they feel they are a “good employer” that makes “good stuff.”