Edge of Space is an dynamic open-world sandbox with exploration, crafting, building, terraforming, survival game. Where you create, mold, and work to survive. Where free updates, multi-player, mod support, and community driven development will help drive the future of the game.

The new content update for Edge of Space includes the following additions:

Power In-Out System (PIOS): First implementation of the new PIOS interface enables gamers to design complex power circuits in base structures for automated doors, lights, and much more
10 Armor Sets: Additional armors with unique attributes include Recon, Gunslinger, Medic, Assassin, and more
Over 16 Kit Upgrades: Improved grapple tool, point defense systems, and waypoint teleporter are just a few of the new kits to equip your cadet
11 Creatures Added: From the tough hulking Walgos to the dangerously annoying ANC Drones, gamers will encounter a wide-range of mutated monstrosities
New Biome Level: Called “The Barrens” the Tier Three biome will introduce a landscape of new resources, plant-life, and greater dangers