Whether you’re a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, a Pathfinder Master or you’ve only considered playing tabletop games in the past, Eon Altar is the accessible, digital version of a fantastic role-playing campaign.

Fit for four players, Eon Altar sets the stage as a party-ready Dungeons-style title with loads to offer in a simple and detailed package. Featuring all of the classic options of a tabletop title, Eon manages something nearly impossible by taking everything we know and love from your standard Pathfinder campaign – right down to the paperwork – and builds it into a mobile and PC hybrid title.

With a high level of complexity in an intuitive interface, Eon Altar is breaking through a wave of pretenders with its hybrid PC/Mobile format. Imagine this: Your friends come over for a tabletop gaming session and rather than pulling out their bags of dice, the pens, paper, and a whiteboard to draw out a map, they simply pull out their smartphone. That “one” friend, who’s typically stuck playing the dungeon master – they get to play too. As a foursome you work your way through a deep and storied campaign, right on the level with your creative minds, and nobody gets upset with a “cheating” DM. More importantly, imagine that on your mobile you can move, take actions, equip and create items, level your character and more without having a screen full of buttons. No more managing your spells for the day/situation either. Eon Altar is a dungeon game created by dungeon game players with a pedigree in game design, but it’s the mobile interface that will win you over.

Have a look below for a brief story highlight and a look at the controller features before we go on.

Playing Eon Altar, you’ll find yourself with the best of both worlds. Simplicity and sophistication, style and functionality. With just one play, you’ll be hooked, and you don’t have to wait to play today – it’s available on Steam’s Early Access Program. Download the full game for just $4.99 and download the mobile app for free on Android and iOS today.