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Bungie’s Community Manager DeeJ released a new House of Wolves teaser trailer today that shows off a some of the new features in the upcoming expansion. Guardians are no longer cooped up in the Tower and now have a new social space in the Reef. This will expand the world of Destiny and hopefully bring more options for social interaction. One of most requested features in the Destiny community is a way to better interact and form groups with other guardians without the need of community sponsored 3rd party websites and applications. This is Bungie’s opportunity to evolve the game for the better.

Speaking of evolution in Destiny, the teaser also teases what appears to be new upgrades for weapons from previous expansions and raids. It doesn’t quite show us what exactly we’ll be getting, but the video does show one of the best Hand Cannons from the launch of the game getting what appears to be some sort of exotic upgrade.


The yellow color has signified exotic weapons, armor, items, and quests so we are assuming that the same is true for this upgrade. One of the common complaints from the community was that their favorite weapons from previous expansions were being made useless or obsolete in current expansions. This could be a simple upgrade path to keep these weapons, and the raids attached to them, relevant as the game evolves and moves forward.

Bungie has stated that Destiny is a living game to them and they have been heavily involved with the community supporting them. Let’s hope that they bring great ideas to the table in the House of Wolves expansion.

We’ll be sure to bring you more information after the planned Bungie stream tomorrow, April 22, at 11 AM PST.

EDIT: VOD now available.

Reveal Stream Recap

Reef Reveal + Prison of Elders

The first portion of the stream covered the new social area available to ALL guardians in the House of Wolves expansion. That’s right, regardless of whether you bought the expansion or not, you will have access to the Reef. That being said, the Reef will also be the new story and quest hub where you will find new vendors and NPC’s that relate to the House of Wolves progression.

Since everyone loves lists, I’ll throw in some bullet points and pictures for those skimming through.

  • The Reef is open do ALL guardians. DLC purchase is not required.
  • Similar to The Dark Below, guardians are required to complete new story quests before jumping into the Prison of Elders.
  • Petra is the new Eris for House of Wolves. She will drive the story and vendor some goods.
  • New ships and weapons available including a version similar to the Queen’s ship.
  • The House of Judgment vendor, Variks, is the warden of the Prison of Elders (PoE) and will have weekly tasks to keep you busy.
  • Variks will sell armor and weapons on a token system. You will be able to acquire “cores” in PoE and exchange them. His inventory might rotate weekly.
  • Reef will have the same bounty vendor and vault access.
  • Xur might show up in the Reef.
  • Trials of Osiris will run every weekend from Friday to Tuesday’s reset.

Materials, Armor, and Weapons

This is the part that everyone was waiting for and with a few extra bonuses. I’ll get right into it, you will be able to upgrade every piece of gear you have (exotics, raid gear, vendor gear, etc.) to the current max level and you get to keep your level. You do not have to re-level your gear. All you need are some standard materials and a drop from end game content to upgrade your gear. Exotics just need an exotic shard and some materials to do the upgrade. Here is a list of all the new features:

  • Speaker now runs a material exchange. You will be able to exchange your energies, shards, motes, and glimmer between one another at little to no cost.
  • Faction gear and weapons have been redesigned to be more distinct. Also, factions are getting brand new weapons.
  • House of Wolves weapons can be reforged at the Gunsmith in the tower.
  • New weapon perks have also been added.
  • Gunsmith also sells telemetries now.
  • All legendary and exotic gear will be able to upgrade to current max level and maintain your perk progression. You will not have to re-level exotics! It will require either an Etheric Light (obtained in PoE) or an Exotic Shard to upgrade legendaries or exotics.
  • Damage and defense perk upgrades are gone with the new gear.
  • Xur will not sell upgrades anymore.

This was a big insight into the House of Wolves and it feels really good that Bungie is staying very active and listening to their community. We’ll have more for you in the future.

Media Credits: Reddit u/Cozmo23, Reddit u/Neonomi