Announced today by Zynga, former leader in the casual gaming market, Farmville 2: Country Escape, New Words with Friends and New Zynga Poker are headed to the mobile space.


Players familiar with the Farmville experience know well that Farmville can be played on the PC, living in its prime through Facebook. Farmville 2: Country escape will bring Farmville to the mobile space with unique advantages. Foremost, users can now take the title on the go – which is fantastic, as most people want to spend their lunch periods on casual fun. Country Escape will also bring you benefits to attaching your mobile account to your PC profile through a “connected rewards” system.

As Words with Friends, the oft compared Scrabble clone, hits the fifth anniversary since inception, Zynga is looking to mix up the title with a remake as well. With the addition of a dictionary, Zynga’s most requested feature change, Words with friends will now add a leaderboard and more detailed player stats in version two. Existing games and statistics will not be lost in the transition to the new Words title, which is good news for the dedicated fan base.


Finally, Zynga announced their move to bring Zynga Poker to the mobile space. In doing so, Zynga Poker has recently been revamped to learn a player’s skill level and pit you against people in your range. With this change and the recent changes in the title’s social layout, players can both connect with friends and train to defeat them on their time. Expect to see the titles hit various app markets within a few weeks in major markets, but a world-wide release isn’t expected until as late as September.