Just over a month ago at the Penny Arcade Expo, PowerLeveled had an exciting hands on with one of the most entertaining and enraging indie titles at the show. Now you can have a chance at playing Fenix Rage as well, available on Steam today for demo and full retail for $14.99.

Having the honor of a perfect score on Steam with 100% satisfaction, Fenix Rage is a unique beast, allowing players to jump and dash to their heart’s content without limit. This hardcore 2D platformer asks for the best of your gaming skill, building you into a twitch gaming machine on a platform built for speed running, and now available for free demo, there’s no reason not to get in one the action. While the demo is a small piece of the action that is Fenix Rage, you’ll find yourself addicted in no time so give it a shot on Steam right now.

For those already in love with Fenix Rage, or if you simply want to rock out to the new music you’ll find in your demo, the Fenix Rage soundtrack is also available on the official Steam page for just $1.99. Bring it home with developer Green Lava Studios and publisher Reverb Triple XP and jam out with Fenix wherever you go.