Looks like we have a few new screen shots from the up coming 2.3 patch in Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn. These latest gems give us a small taste of the new chocobo raising system soon to be implemented into the game. As far as we can tell from these images it looks like we are  in store for a bit of fun with some mini games most likely to improve strength and build stats, feeding, and possibly grooming?

The second set shows us just a couple quick images of the private rooms. These are something that has been long awaited. Private rooms were a big hit in Final Fantasy XI that it only makes sense that they are finally making their way into A Realm Reborn. Who does not love to decorate  their own place in game and it looks like you will once again be able to invite your friends over to see what you have done with the place as well. Also its a great place to display those rare trophies you have picked up on your many journeys.


Here they are I hope you enjoy


Chocobo Raising:

  • Mini games


  •  Feeding


  • Grooming



Private Housing:



All images were brought to us by Square Enix and Final Fantasy A Realm Reborn.