Representatives from the Power Leveled crew will be at PAX 2013 this year, grabbing up interviews, exclusive details and of course hands-on game play with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. We know that at PAX 2013, you’re going to have a great time, but we want your time at the conference to be even BETTER, so we’re giving out free games.

If you have great “Eye Spy” skills, they are going to come in handy this weekend at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Washington. Anyone who finds the following people while at PAX 2013 will have a chance to win a free copy of a game on Steam or Origin. Special consideration will go to those who find “Frosty” Mike Polinder and say the following quote: “Mike’s a B****.”

So who do you look for to find free swag at PAX? Here are our guys who will be hitting the floor.

“Frosty” Mike Polinder:


“Ar3s” Kyle Lambert:


Steve “Fantisy” Jeffries:
Sunday Only


Lewis “Hi3i” Iverson:
Monday Only