ESO imperialThe Imperial is one of the 10 playable races in Bethsada’s ESO world. The huge difference in this race is that you can play as any faction and have a few different crafting customization’s above all the other races. By appearance they are human so without your clothes to distinguish you from the others you will look similar. The lore behind the race tells that Imperials are worshiping Dardra in the time of ESO. Many of them are allies of Tharn family. But not all Imperials think that this is the right way. Some of them don’t like the Tharn family and their Daedric allies. That’s why you can play as a rogue Imperial in ESO. The only way to play as an Imperial though is you do have to purchase the enhanced Imperial edition of the game at a cost of $79.99 over the standard edition for $59.99. Thankfully there are other goodies in this volume of the game.